Data and Intelligence

Newport Atlas

Newport Atlas is the information portal for One Newport, designed to provide a single source of data analytics and mapping to support evidence-based decision making about Newport and its communities.

The development of the Newport Atlas will enable profiles and other statistics to be published to support the development of the Unified Needs Assessment.

Newport Atlas was developed to provide the data and evidence required to enable One Newport to tackle the inequities that exist across the city by combining its resources and targeting those areas most in need.

The development of Newport Atlas has also formed part of Newport City Council’s customer and community insight programme using map based information to support service planning and engagement.

To access the latest Community Well-being Profiles visit the Newport Atlas website.

To support the SIP, a One Newport Information Strategy (pdf) has also been developed that sets out how partners will make best use of resources to provide the Public Services Board with the right information at the right time.