Single Integrated Plan

A Single Integrated Plan (SIP) defines the strategic planning intent for the local authority area and contains the Public Services Board's (PSB) vision for improving the city.

No single organisation can meet the total needs of a community, so there is a requirement to plan and deliver services workng with other public and private sector organisations.

The SIP identified key priorities which the the PSB and other partners must work together to achieve.

The development of the SIP was supported by Welsh Government guidance, which set out the role of local government and their partners in helping to improve service delivery by working together to plan, work, deliver, and improve outcomes.

One Newport SIP 'Feeling Good About Newport' (pdf)

Each year an Annual Report is produced summarising the performance of the SIP.

Newport's SIP was developed around three core priority themes determined by robust evidence (Unified Needs Assessment), these are: 

  • Economy and skills
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Safe and cohesive communities

There are also two overarching themes (Tackling Poverty and Vulnerable Groups) that the core themes should consider when developing plans and priorities.

In light of the Wellbeing of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015 and the establishment of a PSB there is a requirement for statutory members to develop a Wellbeing Plan that will be published no later than May 2018, with the current SIP remaining in place until then.