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Green and safe spaces

Newport is a greener, healthier and safer place where all communities have easy access to quality greenspace for health, play and recreation.

Intervention Lead: Ceri Davies (Natural Resources Wales)

Intervention Lead: Huw Jakeway (South Wales Fire & Rescue Service)

Partnership Team Support: Holly Butterworth (Natural Resources Wales) / Emma Wakeham (NCC)

What steps will we take

Short term (0-5 years)

    •  Develop a collaborative Newport-wide green infrastructure vision and plan which is adopted and delivered by all partners.
    • All PSB partners can clearly articulate and demonstrate the benefit of green infrastructure in their services and are working together to maximise tangible benefits (measured and set from the data & trend analysis).
    • Identify and apply a preventative approach to targeting crime, antisocial behaviour and challenging negative perceptions that deter people from using green spaces and parks.
    • Maintain, promote and mobilise people and communities to use green spaces for recreation and physical activity.

Medium term (5-10 years)

    • Communities have clear mechanisms for how they can lever benefits, create jobs, and prosper from Newport's green infrastructure resource.
    • Measurable levels of fly tipping, arson, crime and other antisocial behaviour have stabilised and a downward trend is evident.
    • Communities taking an active role in managing, deciding upon and benefiting from their green infrastructure network based on their well-being needs, but actively supported by PSB partners who facilitate and enable this mass participation.

Long term (10-25 years)

    • 25 year vision: "Newport is Wales' most improved urban area across all measurable metrics"
      • Communities have access to high quality gree spaces and are using these for recreation, travel and exercise.
      • Environmental crime and antisocial behaviour is minimised.
      • The city is completely navigable on traffic free sustainable / active travel routes that form part of the connected green infrastructure network.
      • Communities are actively involved in managing their green spaces.
      • The benefits of green infrastructure are being maximised and are generating multiple economic and cultural benefits.


The reporting dashboard developed for this intervention at quarter 3 (2018-19) can be accessed via the performance reporting page along with the Annual Report for 2018-19.

The Annual Report 2018-19 also includes a number of case studies that show the positive partnership work undertaken during the first year of the plan. The case study produced for this intervention can be accessed here.

The Green and Safe Network are working together to deliver the Green and Safe intervention of Newport’s well-being plan. Watch this video to find out more about the work of the network.


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