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Right skills

People can access skills and education programmes that align with current and future local employment opportunities, enabling individuals and the city’s economy to achieve their potential.

Intervention Lead: Guy Lacey (Coleg Gwent)

Intervention Lead: Stephen Tiley (GAVO)

Partnership Team Support: Nicola Dance (NCC)

Latest news from Right Skills: Popular jobs fair returns in September 2019

What steps will we take?

Short term (0-5 years)

    • Education providers and employers work together to:
      • fully understand skills needs for the Newport area (including future growth areas and skills gaps)
      • address skills needs for Newport’s existing and future workforce
    • Ensure young people leave school with the support, adaptable skills and confidence to successfully enter work, training or education. Schools and employers work together to enable young people to have the skills to be ready for work
    • Ensure people have an understanding of local skills priorities / significant capital investments in the area, and the employment / career opportunities they present
    • Collaborative development of career pathways across all partners, e.g. apprenticeships
    • Develop appropriate provision for people from a range of circumstances, addressing and seeking to prevent disadvantage
    • Seek to maximise training opportunities from large scale infrastructure projects.
    • Use the resources within the University of South Wales Early Years and Social Care Team, the ACEs Hub and other key partners to develop preventative approaches to improve early years development

Medium term (5-10 years)

    • Continue to develop appropriate provision for people from a range of circumstances, addressing and seeking to prevent disadvantage
    • Collectively, further, higher and community education adapt delivery models to meet the upskilling need of both the unemployed and those already in work (e.g. increased part-time, modularised and independent learning provision)
    • Give every young person in Newport the opportunity to engage with employers as early as possible and by the age of 15

Long term (10-25 years)

    • Continue to ensure skills and education help individuals, employers and the city economy reach their potential
    • Continue to develop skills and education provision in line with the vision for the city


The reporting dashboards developed for this intervention can be accessed via the performance reporting page along with the Annual Reports for 2019-20 and 2018-19.

The Annual Report 2019-20 also includes case studies that demonstrate progress made against the well-being objectives during the year. The case studies related to this Intervention can be accessed below:

Promoting the Newport Offer - Eng / Wel

Newport Commitment - Eng / Wel

Reach / Restart Project - Eng / Wel

Youth Engagement & Progression Framework - Eng / Wel

Newport Job Fair - Eng / Wel

Electric Vehicle Charging Points - Eng / Wel

Bee Friendly City - Eng / Wel

The Annual Report 2018-19 also includes a number of case studies that show the positive partnership work undertaken during the first year of the plan. The case study produced for this intervention can be accessed here.


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