Aerial shot of Newport (SDR - George St Bridge - Footbridge)

The Newport offer

The Newport offer should attract and retain people and businesses to the city, recognising that desirability to work and live in the city is the result of the complete package including employment, housing solutions, infrastructure, environment, cultural opportunities and public services.

Intervention Lead: Cllr Jane Mudd (Leader of Newport City Council)

Intervention Lead: Steve Ward (Newport Live)

Partnership Team Support: Nicola Dance (NCC) / Huw Williams (NCC)

What steps will we take?

Short term (0-5 years)

    • Lead on developing the vision and offer for the city, in partnership with Newport’s diverse community and businesses.
    • Working in partnership, promote the city’s considerable benefits as a place to live, work, visit and invest, increasing city pride / sense of belonging and supporting economic growth (greater focus by PSB members on positive city promotion through social media).
    • Work with high profile, successful Newport people, organisations and anchor businesses to act as positive ambassadors / champions for the city, and inspire self-belief and confidence in young people and the wider community.
    • Attract and use major events to promote Newport and its diverse culture, promote participation and contribute to the local economy.
    • Work in partnership and adopt preventative approaches to ensure effective city centre management.
    • Support the development and consumption of local clean energy (local carbon economy) within PSB organisations and the city.

Medium term (5-10 years)

    • Ongoing development of the Newport offer in line with the vision for the city
    • Continue to raise the profile of Newport as a place people want to live, work, visit and invest
    • Encourage Newport residents to be ambassadors for the city
    • Continue to attract prestigious events to the city
    • Ongoing partnership focus and preventative approach to city centre management
    • Continue to support the development and consumption of local clean energy (local carbon economy) within PSB organisations and the city

Long term (10-25 years)

    • Continue to develop the Newport offer to meet future needs
    • Sustained city promotion in partnership with key city stakeholders so that people have understanding, pride and appreciation of what Newport offers
    • Continue to attract prestigious events to the city
    • Continue to support a low carbon economy


The reporting dashboards developed for this intervention can be accessed via the performance reporting page along with the Annual Reports for 2019-20 and 2018-19.

The Annual Report 2019-20 also includes case studies that demonstrate progress made against the well-being objectives during the year. The case studies related to this Intervention can be accessed below:

Promoting the Newport Offer - Eng / Wel

British Transplant Games - Eng / Wel

City Centre Regeneration - Eng / Wel

City Centre Greening / Green Infrastructure - Eng / Wel

Newport Commitment - Eng / Wel

Newport Job Fair - Eng / Wel

Electric Vehicle Charging Points - Eng / Wel

Bee Friendly City - Eng / Wel

The Annual Report 2018-19 also includes a number of case studies that show the positive partnership work undertaken during the first year of the plan. The case study produced for this intervention can be accessed here.


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